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24/7 Hotline: 808.923.5623

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Pop A Lock Honolulu Staff Page:

image of Pop a Lock roadside tech staff

The staff at Pop A Lock of Honolulu has made us the #1-rated locksmith in Honolulu! This page is to help you identify our employees when they arrive to help you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "scammer" companies out there that pose as Pop A Lock using legitimate ads but, try to force the client to pay a high fee for services. This page will help you to easily identify our employees and vehicles and give you peace of mind knowing what authorized employees look like. If they don't look like this, refuse service and call 808.923.5623.

Pop A Lock Roadside Techs:

image of pop a lock staff in orange shirts.
Our roadside techs will arrive wearing the approved Pop A Lock uniform: An orange shirt with the Pop A Lock logo on the front and black pants/shorts. They will be driving clearly marked Pop A Lock vehicles.

Pop A Lock Locksmiths:

image of Pop A Lock locksmiths
Our Locksmiths will arrive wearing a Black and Orange shirt carrying the Pop A Lock logo. They will also be driving clearly marked vehicles that have the Pop A Lock logo clearly displayed on the front/sides.

Pop A Lock Vehicles:

pop a lock logo


Kaneohe / Kailua / Waimanalo


Diamondhead / Kahala / Hawaii Kai


Manoa / Kaimuki / Waikiki


Aiea / Pearl City / Airport


Town / Ala Moana / Kalihi


Mililani / Ewa / Waianae / N. Shore